/ˈveɪpə / (say 'vaypuh)

1. a visible exhalation, as fog, mist, condensed steam, smoke, etc.
2. a substance in the gaseous state (sometimes restricted to substances in the gaseous state when below their critical points); a gas.
3. matter converted into vapour for technical or medicinal uses, etc.
4. a combination of vaporised matter and air.
5. gaseous particles of drugs that can be inhaled as a therapeutic agent.
6. an invisible exhalation, as of moisture, noxious gases, etc.
7. Obsolete something unsubstantial or transitory.
8. (plural) Archaic hypochondria; low spirits.
9. (plural) Obsolete injurious exhalations formerly supposed to be produced within the body, especially the stomach.
verb (t)
10. to cause to rise or pass off in, or as in, vapour.
11. Obsolete to affect with vapours.
verb (i)
12. to rise or pass off in the form of vapour.
13. to emit vapour or exhalations.
14. to talk or act grandiloquently or boastfully; bluster.
Also, vapor. {Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin vapor steam}
vapourability /veɪpərəˈbɪləti/ (say vaypuhruh'biluhtee), noun
vapourer, noun
vapourable, adjective
vapourless, adjective
vapour-like, adjective
Usage: For spelling variation see -our.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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